“There aren’t enough books like The Slope Rules out there in the world of romance.” – YA Book Central
“A fun, romantic story… that will appeal to teen readers.” – IndieReader


Melanie Hooyenga, multi-award winning young adult author of The Slope Rules, has a new book coming out this March! The Trail Rules is the second book in The Rules Series, and it follows Cally’s new friend Mike (Mikayla) as she navigates life without the Snow Bunnies—and learns to mountain bike with her boyfriend Evan.

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The Slope Rules is described as Grease meets Mean Girls with downhill skiing. Freestyle skier Cally accepted her fate as one of the guys—until she meets snowboarder Blake, who teaches her that sometimes a crash is just what your heart needs.

The Flicker Effect tells the story of Biz, a 17-year old who uses sunlight to travel back to yesterday. It starts off where she uses her ability to fix silly things, like if she fails a test or gets in a fight with friends, but there’s a mystery involved where girls in her town start disappearing. Biz realizes she could help them… but she’d have to tell someone her secret.

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