Never One to Let a Little Thing Like My Stature Get in the Way of a Project…

See that grayish-blue blob in the middle of all the junk? That's my mattress. Last Wednesday I decided to get it out of storage and bring it to the basement, where I'll eventually be staying.

This was where I took my first break. I'd hauled the mattress through three stalls of the garage and managed to not kill the dog or knock over my dad's moped.

I took another break here.

The point of no return. I started contemplating how much it would cost to do our laundry at the laundromat because if the mattress didn't go down, neither were we.

Owen was a little irritated with the entire process.

I accidentally stepped on Owen during this part. Then I took another break.

Finally. Now I just need to rearrange the entire basement and my room will be complete.

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  1. Gary Hooyenga

    Just couldn’t wait could you. OH and what about the box spring or thing you have to put it on. Things that don’t bend just can’t make a turn at the bottom of the stairs.

    • I cannot BELIEVE I missed the opportunity to use PIVOT! What was I thinking? AND, it would have been much more enjoyable if I could have been yelling that the entire time I was trying to maneuver it around that corner. Man!

  2. Nadine

    LOL – I was thinking the same thing as Janna – Pivot!

    I’m impressed you did that all by yourself!! Seems like a big task1!

  3. Penguin

    Wow, I am not surprised. But then again I showed up once to help you move and when I got there you were mostly moved out and not a moment was spared in finishing the job. You never were one to wait around to have something done by someone else.
    I guess I got used to your go get’em spirit then, all the other moves you did seemed to make since to me.

    But I would have guessed you stepped on Owen more than once.

  4. JLC

    This was a great post! “The journey of a mattress.” I hate moving furniture downstairs!! I fall on my stairs too often. (The carpeted edge sticks out further than the step.) <— that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it!

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