Flashback Friday

I don’t plan to make this a regular feature unless I unearth my old writing folders. And even then there may have to be some editing.

I found my high school literary magazine–which has two pieces I wrote (I’ll post the second one next week)–while searching for samples for my design portfolio. I also designed the magazine, so it makes sense that it was in there. I don’t know what to think about the fact that I gave myself the center fold…

I wrote this poem in 1992 (or around then) and it’s spooky how much it still relates to my life. Just last week I was reciting the first stanza in my head, but since I had no idea where it was, I couldn’t continue.

Now I can.

Maybe Next Year
Maybe next year
When all this has passed
I’ll get enough courage
To break down and laugh.

Maybe next year
When things don’t look so bad
I’ll find in my heart
A reason to be glad.

Maybe next year
When these problems are gone
I’ll have enough muscle
To try and be strong.

Maybe next year
When I’m through being used
I’ll discover a friend
Who will make me feel new.

Maybe next year
When this year has passed by
I won’t have a reason
To break down and cry.

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  1. Momcat

    The only way to develop the muscle to be strong is through experiencing problems and moving through them. If you didn’t have problems you would remain weak.

  2. Allen Parker

    Hopefully, us binaries have been a part of your fourth stanza.

    Even if we are not good at renewing, maybe we have been good at tweaking.

  3. JLC

    Aww! At least now you are legal to drink when the SHTF. *Holds up a mimosa* To still being friends next year.

    BTW – I tossed my middle school and high school poetry. *gasp* They were all too dark, and I wanted to move on. So…(twins)

    • Twins!

      I could never throw my stuff away on purpose. Some of my work was lost on the highway when the box was hit by 17 semi-trucks, and I’m sure the rest is in the basement somewhere.

  4. Nadine

    Wow, intense! I hope 1993 was a better year for you!

    I don’t think I want to find my poetry from back then cause I think it’s pretty dark.

    And I love that you gave yourself the centerfold

  5. robinaltman

    It’s very catchy. I like the “have enough muscle to try to be strong” line. You do have that muscle now! Look how much you’ve done!

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