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  1. You say it’s your birthday! Well it’s almost Vyolette’s birthday too, yeah! You say it’s your birthday! Gonna have a good time!

    Are you going to a garden party?

    Happy biiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrttthhday!!!

  2. Thanks everyone!

    AB, that does get a little old after awhile. One funny thing happened today — my 21yo nephew realized the significance of having my bday today. It’s not really a big deal until you’re legal.

  3. Penguin

    Happy Birthday Mel!!!!!!!

    I would have liked to take you out for some birthday beers, but I am not moving much today.
    Sorry just got out of surgery Monday, felling a little weak.

    Stop in to St.Anns and have one for me.

    If you want I can have Terry meet you there if you don’t have anyone to go drinking with, he always likes an excuse to go there. It is not to far for him to stumble home, like 10-12 blocks.

    • What happened to you? I hope the surgery wasn’t serious.

      I’m actually staying in tonight. I’m not feeling the best so my mom’s picking up corned beef & cabbage to go. I don’t know if I like that but it should be fun anyway…

      • Penguin

        I am so jealous, where is she getting it? Or is she buying it and making it?
        I had two hernias operated on, so that’s for now, the rest of the problems they are going to deal with later.
        Two hernias is enough for me for a bit.

      • Egads! I’m sorry. That can’t feel good.

        She’s picking it up from the country club. On Wednesday nights they offer a to-go meal and today it’s — OF COURSE — corned beef and cabbage.

  4. Penguin

    So far it hasn’t been to bad, pain similar to kidney stones, so like I said been able to handle it. Just some mild pain, it was good to get rid of the pain of the hernia. I have to get in for some x-rays to figure out what is next.
    I am trying to see if they can get rid of the serious pain that hits me.

  5. Nadine

    It’s your birthday!! Be glad I don’t have your phone # – Matt and I do a great out-of-tune rendition of Happy Birthday! πŸ™‚

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