But the Accent Was the Best Part

As most of you know, I LOVE molé. Ibis introduced me to the spicy, smoky, chocolately sauce while we lived in Chicago, then I tried every possible variety in Mexico. It’s most often served with chicken and he makes molé enchildadas that will leave you breathless. (You know, because they’re SPICY!)

Well, now that I’m in Michigan I’ve resigned myself to the fact that things will be a bit different. First example–the molé. Seems someone forget to tell Michigan that the accent is what makes it mouthwateringly delicious. Take it away and all you have is a pile of dirt in the yard.

No accent for you.

After all the teasing about eating moles, it seems I’m finally presented with the actual thing. But I can guarantee these creatures will NOT make an appearance in my kitchen.

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  1. Allen Parker

    Oh, come on. They are just pointy-nosed mice. We all know that a mouse a day keeps the doctor away.

    Add chocolate to it and my wife would eat it. Or at least lick the chocolate from it. Remember, she is the one that invented the chocolate cake dispenser.

  2. My dog will happily come and dig up and kill your moles for you. Being mostly terrier, she has a love for digging up small creatures and killing them, especially when she can drop them at my feet and beg me to throw them for her.


  3. Nadine

    Ooh, that’s not fun to have in the yard! How will your parents get rid of them? And I so want to try mole’ (the kind with the accent)

  4. robinaltman

    Those mole lumps look huge. They look like killer mutant moles made them. You should pull a “Caddyshack” on them.

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