Licks All Around

Lately lot of people have been wishing me good luck with my interviews (thanks a lot of people!) and somehow Good Luck has mutated into Good Lick. I swear I was not the one who first made that slip of the tongue. I mean… I wasn’t the one who… nevermind.

I plead the fifth.

Anyway, today I’m starting a trial period at one of the places where I interviewed — I believe we call this freelance (/sarcasm) — so I think I’m due for more licks.

I won’t be online today (obviously) so please entertain yourselves while I’m gone.

Note: I only included the note about sarcasm so no one feels obligated to explain what freelance is to me. I’m very excited!

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  1. krejca

    So on your first day, in which I assume you had to leave prior to 10 am, you post a blog including licking and ‘entertain yourself’? I’m just saying…

    I hated the whole ‘trial’ thing too. It’s pretty SOP out here also. I went through an agency that would send me out. Eventually I was picked up at the place I’m at now. It still amazes me how fast you found something. I mean, I knew you were good, but there are an amazing amount of people still waiting in line just to submit a resume. As usual, way ahead of the pack!

    Go girl!

  2. robinaltman

    I’ve never heard of the trial thing, either! I sort of think it sounds cool. If you don’t like the job, you can leave and no hard feelings. I have full faith that they will like you. That won’t be an issue.

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