Better Late Than Never

You know the tradition to save the top of your wedding cake to eat on your first anniversary? Ibis and I were good newleyweds and saved the top in my parents’ extra freezer (convenient since the reception was at their house) but then four months later we moved to Mexico. I didn’t think the cake would travel well — especially considering I had every belonging I could possibly cram into my car already occupying the precious cake space — so it’s remained in their freezer.

Over the weekend I cleaned out my parents’ fridge (yes this seems to be a theme) and my mom reminded me that the cake was still in the freezer. In its original cardboard box.


I did what anyone would do — I thawed that puppy out and we had it after dinner! It was a little dry in spots but the frosting (butter cream) was still deLIcious. Assuming you don’t mind the bits of flower left on the top.

Next up: sending out the rest of those thank you notes.

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  1. ab

    Awesome! Aren’t you going to mail Ibis a piece?
    *waits to see what else you find – hopes it’s not that hamster you lost in 6th grade* 😉

  2. JLC

    We didn’t eat ours. It was left in an aunt’s freezer without any protection and the white cake turned orange. *shivers* But we’ve been happily married after all these years so I think it is just a tradition to promote the eating of leftovers. 😉

  3. Nadine

    Ours lasted a week – we ate it when we returned from our mini-moon.

    Your cake was so pretty!

    You definitely have a knack for cleaning out fridges – can you come do mine next?

  4. Laurie Comadena

    You can TOTALLY freeze a chunk and send it to Ibis for good luck! My mom has made cake fro years, and my best friend froze a hunk of her daughter’s Christening cake my mom made and shipped it to her husband in Iraq! It’s worth a shot 🙂

  5. My mom put ours in a tupperware cake cover/container thingy. We had it on our 1 year and it was GOOD! We were both so shocked that it held up, and even more so that it tasted great! So, you know… tupperware 😉 My wedding cake was the best cake ever. Dan’s great aunt made it, and she’s made it for every summer picnic since then. So great to have a bakery in the fam!

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