Speed Racer

Since y’all seem to like posts about my car, I thought I’d feed the need…

Can I just say? I heart Reggie. He rocks. We’ve gotten to know each other very well over the past two months–he puts up with my diverse music tastes and I put up with his need to go fast. It’s a tough compromise.

And my stick-shifting skills? They rock too. I LOVE zipping down the highway in my shiny car (even if I’m not actually using the clutch while cruising along at 75mph) and I feel like I’m part of some special club when I have to downshift at a light. So cool.

All I need now are fancy leather gloves and some cool shades. Oh wait, I’ve already got those.

speed racer

Next up: Nascar.

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  1. allen parker

    If Danica Patrick can do it, why not you?

    There are a few drawbacks to racing, helmet hair, long stretches with no bathroom breaks, and a bunch of guys driving way too fast for the conditions. These sometimes leads to accidents, and no one stops to see if you are ok.

  2. ab

    I wonder if that would work if you got pulled over.
    “But Officer, it wasn’t me. Reggie just likes to go fast. srsly.”

  3. robinaltman

    Love it! Can you come visit me and zip up and down my street a bunch of times? It will make my neighbors appreciate me more.

  4. Penguin

    While it is fresh in my mind, be very careful with downshifting in the winter.
    Not an experience you want to have for a new stick shift driver.

      • Penguin

        For a front wheel drive car it is worse than locking your brakes. It can put you into a spin you cannot get back out of, make your car move in all directions you do not want.

        Just think very scary situation. Never downshift at high speed in slippery conditions(don’t forget about Michigan Slushies). Be very careful when downshifting at slower speeds, I have seen cars change lanes.

        Other than those two things, I like driving a stick in the winter better. And after you get used to it you will be a great driver.

        And while we are on the topic of winter driving and stick shifts. Trick; if you are on really slippery surface and you can’t seem to make your tires grip when starting out. Shift into a higher gear and start out.

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