We all know that feeling — you’re looking forward to something SO much that when it finally arrives you’re either let down because it’s not everything you thought it’d be, or on the flip side, it’s so much better you literally explode from the excitement. Either way, a day or two later, you are wiped out. Done. Kaput.

How do you keep going once that surge of adrenaline has passed?

This can apply to writing, competitions, an annual review, vacations — anything really — and in my case I’m still coming down from my friend’s wedding last weekend. I’ve looked forward to it for nearly six months, it was a whirlwind four days, and now? Nothing.

(Okay, not nothing. I’m heading back to Kentucky in a week for a writers camping trip and I’m SUPER excited about that. In fact, I think this lull is all that’s keeping me sane right now.)

So, back to my question for you. How do you keep going when you just want to curl up in a ball and take a nap? Red Bull? Exercise? Or do you burrow into your couch and wait for the feeling to pass?

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  1. WendycinNYC

    Oh, I don’t know. I have to keep going, so I do. Coffee helps. And looking forward to the next thing coming.

  2. I scrub the kitchen. Seriously. My husband knows I’m either a: worried or b: in labor or c: excited when he comes home and he’s blinded by the shiny wood floors.

  3. Me? I try to get inspired. If it’s writing, I watch a great movie, or read a good book, that usually does the job! I’m always looking forward to something, could be something small like getting my haircut, or golf. Everything helps the days go by ;o) I always look forward to the weekends!

    Have fun on your camping trip!

  4. JLC

    Watch a new movie, read a great book. Basically, I try to find mental distractions that will hopefully send my brain off into another adventure. I know how you feel though. It took me almost a week to come back to reality after our Hawaii trip. 😀 I’m sore jealous about your camping trip. Hope y’all have a wonderful time!

  5. kreyfish

    Well, I’m resisting the urge to take the discussion to a-whole-nother level… barely… for me, I move on to the next thing. A friend recently pointed out to me that I ‘relax’ by adding more irons to the fire. In some cosmically warped continuum it actually works for me. Now, that being said, one of those irons can easily be, learning to relax. Taking up yoga? Meditation? or just simply, vegging… But truthfully, i try to make everything a source of anticipation. Tomorrow is a brand new day!

    • Ya know, I’m surprised you’re the first one to comment on that. I almost rewrote this entire thing…

      I cannot imagine you doing yoga. Not at all. But good for you if you are!

  6. robinaltman

    OMG! You stole the words right out of my mouth! I lay on the couch and wait for the feeling to pass!

    If I really, really have to get motivated I guess I go for a run or to the gym or something. It usually peps me up and makes me feel self righteous.

  7. Nadine

    I usually spend a day or two moping (something I’m very good at) and then I try and concentrate on the next big thing.

    • Yeah, that’s me. I’ve had two days of moping so hopefully now it’s out of my system. I have a vet appt and graduation party on Saturday to look forward to. Squee!


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