I Drove 1200 Miles and All I Got Was…

Actually, I walked away from this weekend with THREE t-shirts, a hat that says Up Hoo’s’es (my writing friends will understand), a bracelet … and enough memories to hopefully last until the next time we all get together.

Camp Runamuck (aka Cumberland Falls, KY) lived up to its moniker. I wasn’t there the entire week like most of the group, but I:

    • went on two hikes
    • swam in the campsite pool (and was nearly drowned by a gaggle of monkeys)
    • wreaked havoc at a water park
    • ate a LOT of cheeseballs (all at once)
    • had some quality time with a Captain
    • did NOT fall down in mud/dirt/water/gravel ONCE (but did punch myself in the face half an hour after arriving, then slammed my head on my trunk half an hour before leaving)
    • had an impromptu “bubble” bath (’cause there were… you know… bubbles)
    • laughed A LOT
    • accidentally fell asleep and missed a hike
    • laughed some more
    • made lots of new mini-friends (the Runamunchkins) plus a couple Mr. AWers

And now I already miss them.

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    • I actually got to wear BOTH bathing suits that I brought. But I did discover I need a more kid-friendly bathing suit. Not that it’s overly revealing, but it didn’t hold up well to multiple arms and legs gripping to me.

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