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  1. Friday I saw the Last Airbender (wait for the dvd), Saturday ran errands, surfed the net and went to bed early, Sunday spent the day at the beach, bbq’d with neighbors and then watched the local Fireworks from our porch. Today, get the chores done and try to relax for the week ahead!

  2. Anne (aka "stormie")

    Yum! Love the patriotic dish. 🙂
    Went to the beach, bbq’d, and saw great fireworks over the ocean.

    • My mom pointed out that we also had a tomato & mozzarella salad on blue plates, and I could have taken a picture of that. VERY patriotic. 🙂

      BBQing at the beach is so fun!

  3. Nadine

    Love the new header!

    I spent the 4th on an airplane, but we got to see some fireworks are we were landing so that was cool.

  4. ab

    Nice bracelet 😉

    We had fireworks at the neighbors & a hay ride 🙂 No red, white & blue food though. I’ll run over & complain later. 😉

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