What Do You See?

See this? This is my shower curtain. I didn’t pick it out but it’s in the bathroom I use at my parents’ house so by default I claim it.

Most of you probably see a bunch of circles in varying shades of blue that form a well-balanced grid pattern.

Not me.

Because I’m crazy, I see a Bejeweled board. If it’s late enough at night, they even move, and then a deep voice booms from through the floor vent, saying “Excellent!”

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  1. Lynnette

    Hahaha! SPECTACULAR! I just started playing that game this passed weekend. I would see a Bejeweled board each night when trying to fall asleep. Of course, the board was loaded with combinations where I could score 5 in a row and get one of those super gems :/

  2. You are too funny! When I started playing some of my games in facebook, for nights and nights I would dream about those games and about getting high scores and leveling up.

  3. allen parker

    Most people have other games in the shower; Rub-a-dub-dub, Can I Wash My Feet Without Falling, Who Put Nair In My Shampoo.

    Are you sure you lost your Hookah in the move?

  4. JLC

    Hehe! I have five games on my phone that I like to play now and then. Boggle, Solitare, Yahtzee, Bananagrams and Doodle Jump. All are addicting in their own way, but I haven’t found a shower curtain that looks anything like them. Yet…

  5. Nadine

    LOL!! I sometimes get that way with things that look like Tetris!! (I don’t really play now but a lot of my youth was spent putting those blocks together)

  6. bigwords88

    Bejeweled (and Tetris) have always been entertaining, but I only realized their significance in modern culture when the Human Tetris games began getting reported on. The same (to a lesser degree) with games such as Hexic… Anything with a simple board and addictive gameplay has a chance of becoming something greater than itself. Can’t say that dreaming about black pearls and simple shapes dropping from the sky would be a novel experience.

    There’s an interesting “life is a game” quasi-movement happening, where life is regarded in the same way as a computer game (or television show) – it even has a few decent representations online. There were a few reports in Xbox magazines a while back of people hearing the Achievements “ping” audio while out and about – in ringtones, or the sound some cash registers make – so the drip-down effect of gaming on the subconscious has already, in a way, been proven.

    I’m gonna try leveling up one of these days… Computer games make it seem easier than it is. 🙂

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