As Lie the Dead, by Kelly Meding

Wow! I LOVED Kelly’s debut novel, Three Days to Dead, and I dare say As Lie the Dead is even better.

It picks up moments after Three Days ends and never stops. Evy joins Wyatt, her super hot Handler, as they race to save another Handler. There’s more shape-shifters (an osprey, an egret, and a fox are around the most) and we learn more about how Evy got to this point in her life.

As a writer I caught myself noting how Kelly handled fight scenes, since that’s something I’m working on myself. (well done!) I had several giggles when Evy said something that I say a lot myself (“Gee. You think?” was one such phrase.) And I enjoyed how she handled all the emotion this time around. It’s tough to really feel for characters when they’re kicking butt the entire time, but she handles it flawlessly.

One thing that occured to me while reading is Evy Stone reminds me a bit of Stephanie Plum (by Janet Evanovich) except Evy fricking rocks at her job. For every case Stephanie bumbles through, Evy has already killed a dozen Halfies or saved yet another were from certain death.

(I really hope Kelly doesn’t mind that comparison–I mean it as a compliment!)

You can find out more about Kelly at her blog here. Buy As Lie the Dead here.

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