That’s a Lot of Paper!

Look! I finished my edits and printed out After the Fall in its entirety!

Yes, there are TWO red pens waiting for me. Because I’m ahead of schedule I have a whopping NINE days to proof the hard copy and still meet my goal of finishing by September 1st.

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  1. I shrunk mine down a bit, and used 12 TNR with 1.5 spacing, which turned 72k into 187 pages. It left me plenty of space for most notes, but I have to use a notebook for the longer notes. 🙂


  2. Allen

    Congrats on this milestone.

    I make my margins bigger for edits. The few extra pages of print means I have all the notes next to the area I am dealing with. I use 1.5 margins and 2 spacing. I burn a ream of paper with the end of chapter blanks, but that is better than having to search for notes. And, in the end, I store the copies for posterity. If I ever have to go back ( I did, resold a book and had to find my notes) they are all compiled in one rubber banded place.

  3. Definitely worth the extra paper to have plenty of room to write. Then again, I might just be projecting my own handicaps; I write like a kindergartener holding one of those fat pencils.

  4. Nadine

    Since I can see that picture was taken outside, I’m getting nervous that a big breeze will come by. *pictures the scene with Colin Firth from Love Actually *

    That’s awesome that it’s all printed out and you’re ahead of your goal! Yay!

  5. It does look impressive! I’m impressed. I printed out 20 pages of my WIP once. It’s the only time I ever printed something out. I do send to my Kindle, sometimes, to edit it, but you know me… I’ve gone paperless!

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