Something You May Not Know About Me

Over dinner Tuesday night (before going to see David Baldacci!!) my mother laughed before saying, “I was on a conference call today with a woman who made me think of you. She talked for fifteen minutes without taking a breath!”

Me? Talks a lot without breathing? That’s so not true. I’ve just mastered the art of inhaling through my nose so as not to disrupt the story flowing from my mouth.

What special talents (yes, this is a talent) do you have that your online friends aren’t aware of?

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    • Well my kilt just fell off, so I believe you.

      Now I have that song “magic, magic, magic…” in my head. Sorry, I don’t know more to clue you in, but it’s been playing on the hip hop/dance station.

  1. Allen

    My talent? Making everyone else look really good. If a guy stands next to me, the girls will definitely choose him. If the two of us are singing, you will sound marvelous compared to me.

    Sometimes, people hire me to stand next to them at job interviews.

  2. Nadine

    Special talent, hmm… I guess mine would be the British accent that suddenly appears when I’m really tired or a little drunk.

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