Hungry for Zombies

I was running errands Saturday (MAN did I score some good deals) when I decided to pop into Barnes & Noble to say hello to my friends’ books. Specifically, Hungry For Your Love, a zombie anthology that includes a short story by my friend Stacey.

Living in west Michigan, I don’t always have the best luck finding what I’m looking for, but Hungry for Your Love was on one of the feature tables up front. I actually jumped up and down, then excitedly told the couple next to me that “THAT’S MY FRIEND’S BOOK!” Then I (politely) shoved them out of the way so I could take a picture. The “in the wild” pictures are very important.

After snatching a copy for myself, I headed to the general fiction section and eventually found my way to the young adult section. My next novel is (will be) YA, so it makes sense to immerse myself in that world, no? That’s what I thought. I grabbed three books that I’ve heard a lot of people say good things about, then marched to the checkout counter. It was only as the cashier rang me up that I made an odd discovery. Can you see it?

The best part about this excursion was knowing that in less than a month Stacey will sign my book! We’re going to Seattle (I’m not sure if I can say why yet…) and ANOTHER friend — JLC — is driving up to meet us for an afternoon. I cannot wait!

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    And I see a trend there… a little YA horror in the works, my friend? Good. We need more hot chicks in the horror realm. 😉

    Thanks, Hoo! See you soon!

  3. kevin

    It is hysterical reading your description of events as they unfolded… And the bookstore is one of the all time best ‘hang-outs’! Coffee, wi-fi, reading, people, coffee… I mean really, what’s not to like?

  4. Nadine

    What a great TBR pile! I can’t wait to read all of those!

    As for the discovery, was it that you alphabetized them without realizing it?

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