Stop! NaNo Time*

It’s that time of year! NaNoWriMo — National Novel Writing Month for those of you not in the know — starts November 1st and I’ve already signed up. NaNo challenges writers to write a novel in a month. Simple, right?

Yeah, yeah. Stop laughing. It’s been done before. Even by me. After the Fall, which I’m querying now, was a nano novel (affectionately titled nanonovel08 until I got to the second draft).

The thing that most concerns me is I’ve yet to write a novel while working a full time job. I know there are gazillions of people who do this every day — some even have FAMILIES — but I’m trying to be realistic. I fully expect this to be a challenge for me and I’m okay with not hitting the 1667 words a day goal. I’m mostly excited to be a part of the delirium.

For those of you who don’t write, consider this your warning that the month of November may be heavy on the writerly talk. I hope you stick around to cheer on me and my conanoers (tee hee, I just made that up) and if you’re good maybe I’ll tell you what my novel’s about before the end of November.

Now.. roll call! Who’s in?



* The post title is for Lisa.

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  1. Hi Melanie,
    I’m definitely one of the NaNoers. It’ll be my first time this year and I expect it to be a challenge (I actually blogged about that today). I suspect my full time job will require overtime a few days over the month but I don’t have kids.

    Good luck with your query and we’ll make sure to cheer each other through NaNo. πŸ˜‰

    *practices her writerly warcry*

  2. Me, Me! *raises hand* but you knew that ;o) I can’t wait for this year’s NaNo should be off the hoozook! Oh man, did I really just write that. Yes. I know I have a full time job and it’s in a mall office during holiday, yes it’s nuts over here… but somehow I do it… I take lots of naps ;o)

    Good luck! See you in the NaNoTrenches and for our write in, of course!!

  3. kevin

    ok… so am i correct in assuming the title is a rip on “HammerTime”??? That’s friggin’ funny!

    Dudette, good luck! Times are just too crazy for me to even consider it! I love the idea and will definitely be giving you the periodic shout out! But I don’t think I’ll be, “stick around to cheer on me and my conanoers”… Me thinks your nanoer delirium has started early? LOL!

    Whatchu going to be for Halloween?


    • Yes sir, you are correct.

      You’re not going to cheer on the conanoers? Pffft. πŸ˜›

      I just bought an overly simple cat costume — ears, tail & collar — because I’m traveling and we don’t actually know where we’ll be going. I don’t even like cats.

  4. *gulp*

    I haven’t NaNo’d yet. I’ll have to wait until the munchkins are both in school full-time. So… the year after next I’ll be there! However, I will be working on my WIP at a slower pace and cheering you on!

    Good luck!!

  5. Nadine

    I’m excited for you!! And although I’m not doing it, I will cheer you on! Cause if you can’t be an athlete, at least be an athletic supporter. πŸ™‚

  6. Lisa Dovichi

    WAHOOOOO!! I’m famous on Hooey’s blog!!!

    Not that I deserve it because I totally read the whole post, snickered over the blog title which made me picture Hooey in Hammer Pants, and didn’t, DID NOT, see my name.

    Blonde moment. Yes, I haz them.


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