Well… it looks like my prediction of not reaching 50K in 30 days was accurate. I have, however, surpassed my personal goal of 30,000 words, and that’s with only writing 1000 words in the past six days.

The good news? I have a solid start on my novel. Because it’s young adult I’m aiming for roughly double what I’ve currently written. The bad news is I’m smack dab in the middle of… the middle.

I think I’m just about past the rough spot and now that I know I can write 1000 words in an hour, I figure I should be able to finish this draft in another month.

For those of you who participated, how many word did you write this month?

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  1. Melanie's Mom

    I know you wanted to have more words written by now, but with working full time and a lively dog to entertain, I’m really proud of you for sticking to it and getting done what you have. You’re far enough along that you’ll finish it. Of that I’m certain!

  2. WendyNYC

    I don’t even *attempt* NaNo. That’s waaaay to many words/day for me. Good job for trying, and for getting a healthy start on your novel.

  3. On my non-winning years, I didn’t even come close to what you’ve accomplished, congratulations!

    Now go finish it.


    I’m waiting.

    I’m not getting any younger.

  4. Dudette, screw the winning/losing rubbish. You’ve written 30,000 words!

    Thirty THOUSAND!

    Think about that for a minute. 😉

    Adam, King o’ the bright side.

  5. 35,000 words is like way more than most people write all year, not including the insane amount in November so you did pretty damn well.

    I finished 50,000 last night but need to work if the manuscript is worth doing anything else with after I finish the final scene this week.

  6. Congrats on 35K! I didn’t make it quite that far this year, and I’m trying to not feel guilty about it. If AmyDoodle beat all of us, you realize we will never hear the end of it. 😉

  7. ab

    I”m glad I didn’t jump into it this year. Any other time – I finished 80K in a month. This one – I’m barely at 15K. This months has just gotten away from me. This is the most difficult one I’ve done too. I just don’t know where it’s going. We’ll see what Dec brings 🙂

    I w00t in your general direction though. Goals are yours – not anyone elses.

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