I know it goes against the purpose of NaNo, but I hereby declare December DeceFiniMo: December is the Month I’m Gonna Finish My Novel. Yes, I realize that acronym is all kinds of wrong, but that’s how it was said to me (thanks Stacey!) and I like it.

As I said on Monday, I’m past the halfway mark (hovering at 36,000 words) and the goal for young adult is 60,000, I shouldn’t have a problem. Never mind that Christmas, New Year’s, and a bazillion of my friends’ and family members’ birthdays occur in the next 33 days, I’m determined to finish.

I’ve read in multiple places that for the most part, this is not the best time to query agents, so I plan to hold off on sending out more for After the Fall until after the new year. As of today, I’ve had two partial requests out of about twenty queries, one of which is still out. I don’t think those stats are fabulous so I also plan to take another look at my query. I’ve had a couple suggestions that have my wheels churning, so we’ll see what happens.

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