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I’ve done it again. I’ve piled so many projects onto my plate that I find myself staring at the computer screen, unable to work on any of them. I mentioned awhile back that I often treat reading for pleasure as a motivator to get things done, and often don’t allow myself to read until reaching a set goal.

I didn’t read anything during the month of November (including a lot of blogs — I’m sorry!) but still felt guilty cracking open a new book a few nights ago. Since I didn’t “win” Nano, I don’t feel like I deserve the treat. Problem with that is I’m not giving myself any time to unwind. Saturday night I popped in a DVD for the first time in over a month and — you guessed it — felt guilty for spending 2+ hours doing nothing but staring at the television.

I’m slowly picking away at my to-do list and I’m doing my best not to add any new projects for the next month or so (new website anyone?) because I’d really like to finish the first draft of my novel by the end of the year.

How do you deal when you get overwhelmed with deadlines?

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  1. We seem to have similar habits. 🙂 I usually try to make a concerted effort to prioritize what’s there and systematically sit down and work through the projects. That usually works. One by one, trying not to let them mental image of whatever responsibility is attached to each project burden me. That is, prioritize and then just work down that list without guilt.

    The completion of those leftovers is great motivator.

    As the saying goes, “Bite of more than you can chew … then chew it.” 🙂

    • Excellent advice, thank you. I’m picking my way through my to-do list, and wouldn’t you know one more “one more thing” popped up yesterday? But it’s taken care of now. 🙂

      Good luck with your very extensive list.

  2. Jennifer

    I prioritize. The family needed my attention last month. (many many issues) Now that December finds us back in the ‘happy zone’, I am busy with holiday errands and prepping for visitors. I have a ton of creative projects playing badminton in my head and I want to give them attention, but I cant seem to get two hours together to accomplish anything. I haven’t written a chapter since Oct. But it is sitting there, and will still be there when I get a break.

    • I admire the way you’re able to prioritize. I’m still having trouble adjusting to having so little “free” time after three years of having all the time in the world.

      And yay that I know you wrote today!

  3. ab

    You need to allow yourself a break now & then. We never catch up & you’ll only go batty trying to force deadlines on yourself that time just won’t allow! Do what Frankie says. RELAX!!!!

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