One Too Many Pokes

No, not that. Not that either.

Monday we got several inches of snow. I’m very excited because I love snow and I missed it while I was in Mexico, and even though it’s a pain to drive in, it makes me happy. We have snowplow service so we don’t have to worry about shoveling — except for the tiny little patch of concrete outside Owen’s doggie door.

In the three minutes it took to shovel Monday morning I managed to tweak a muscle between my shoulder blades. “No big deal,” I thought. “I’ve done this before and it goes away in a couple days.” I already had a chiropractor’s appointment scheduled for the next day so when I woke up on Tuesday and couldn’t breathe without it hurting, I crossed my fingers that he could fix it.

He declared that my “rib head was poking out”. I don’t really know what that means but it matched up with how I felt. He popped everything back where it belonged and sent me on my way.

Life was good for a couple hours, then the rib popped back. That was Tuesday afternoon. Thursday I returned and he did more manipulations, including a fist to my ribcage that finally allowed me to take a deep breath without wincing. Then I got in the car to drive back to work and “pop”. It’s back.

I’m writing this Thursday night and I’ve been resigned to shallow breathing for almost four days now. I try to keep my Friday posts more upbeat (well, ALL my posts) but I haven’t been able to concentrate on much else and you’re stuck with a grumbly post. My apologies.

BUT, lest this post be completely devoid of cheer — happy birthday mom!

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  1. Be honest now, when he said “Your rib head was poking out,” you had to bite your tongue, didn’t ya? 😀

    Feel better! I’d say *hugs* but I don’t want to break anything. 🙂

    And happy birthday, HooMom! 😉


    PS – I didn’t poke you. How good am I?

  2. A massage fixes EVERYTHING? I’ve heard of Magic Fingers… but… well, can you take my daughter’s car with you? And maybe this old toaster? Come to think of it, my microwave has been acting strange, too. 😉

  3. Allen Parker

    All this talk of ribs in making me hungry.

    Hope you feel better soon. And, my wife agrees with you. Massages fix everything.

    I agree. When she gets her weekly massage, the pain in my neck eases up.


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