Die, Spambot, Die!

If you are a robot, please stop trying to leave comments on my blog. You will not win.

*cue techno-robotic music, then big big explosions*

Since Friday I’ve been completely bombarded with spam. The majority of it is a straight-up jumble of letters and numbers so I barely have to glance at it before hitting SPAM!, but some is cleverly disguised as a real post.

“This is very informative!”

“More people should be aware of this post.”

“You are a fabulous writter.”

Yeah, the typo was a clue that all wasn’t kosher. I’m not sure what karmic deity I upset in the past week or so, but I’m sorry!

Have you noticed an uptick in spam lately?

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  1. ab

    Mine was getting horrible!! I downloaded askimet & I can’t believe how it takes care of it. So – nope. I haven’t noticed an increase since I no longer have to deal with it! w00t! It’s free – try it!
    **Note** This is not a spam mail for askimet advertising. 😉

  2. I think I’ve had one spam message on my blog in all the time it’s been up. They like you more than me. 🙁

    That, or my word verification is working. 🙂


  3. Scott

    I have been getting some spam from several incarnations of a jonn (jonn1, jonn2, jonn3) that come through on the e-mail account associated with my web site. And I received one e-mail from an unidentified source that said “Danger danger Will Robinson.”

  4. I love spam! I think it’s funny! They give you vague compliments, and when you look at their web address it’s something like “enlargeyourvagina.net”.

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