Three Days Into the New Year…

… and I’m still on vacation!

I’m happy to report that the hiatus was successful because I finished the first draft of Flicker! Woohoo! I really upped my daily word count the final week of the year (as those of you who are friends with me on Facebook can attest to) (although really I could totally be making all of this up…) and finished with 5000 words yesterday.

Iam really happy with how the first draft has turned out. Now I’m forcing myself to read a couple books and give myself at least two weeks before diving back in.

Even though I know things that need fixing.

And I already know how I’m going to fix them.


In other writing news, I’ve tentatively decided to stop querying After the Fall. I really feel like YA is the genre that fits me best, and it doesn’t make sense to query a different genre when I’m just starting out. That doesn’t mean I don’t still love ATF. I truly believe the story has merit and figure I’ll hook an agent with my YA trilogy (that’s right…) then spring the women’s fiction on them after that.

Yes, I probably just jinxed myself for eternity. What better way to kick off the new year?

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  1. Now I understand the query/writing thing. That makes perfect sense! You can always hold onto ATF and have your agent shop it around once you’ve made a name in YA. I get it! I get it! *blinks as though the light hurts her eyes* (That’s the confusion lifting.)

  2. Congratulations. Finishing feels great. And I agree with the notion of sticking it somewhere out of consciousness for a time. It really allows you to view the thing in a different light.

  3. ab

    Good idea to step away. A fresh eye always helps. Read something totally out if that genre. Putting a hold on ATF may be a nice break, too. I did that with Val’s books to concentrate on the women’s fiction. Dang… great minds, eh? πŸ˜‰

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