Boiling Point, by K.L. Dionne

My aunt’s second book is out!

Boiling Point, the sequel to Freezing Point, is now available in print and digitally. Here’s the blurb.

As Chaitén sleeps…

Two microbiologists monitor the effects of global warming in the shadow of the long-dormant volcano.

A celebrity scientist and his film crew arrive at the caldera to capture Chaitén’s spectacular scenery for a television audience.

And a Nobel Prize-winning scientist sits in his apartment in Paris, monitoring data on fifty-six volcanoes around the world—waiting for the one sign that his diabolical plan is about to be put into motion.

Soon, their destinies will converge. For the Earth has become a pawn in the biggest gamble ever played with humanity’s future…

And Chaitén is about to blow.

Praise for Boiling Point:

“Fans of the late Michael Crichton will enjoy Dionne’s exciting second ecothriller . . . Crisp writing keeps the pace fast, and the tight interweaving of story lines bodes well for this author’s future efforts.” — Publishers Weekly

“Dionne hits her stride with BOILING POINT, a heart-thumping, timely thriller, one that rings with surreal authenticity.  All of the right elements — action, suspense, secrets, conspiracies — meld together, the plot built skillfully, like a master craftsman, one layer at a time.   Put simply, it’s a non-stop delight of a read.” — New York Times bestselling author Steve Berry

Learn more about Karen Dionne and her journey to the actual volcano featured in her book at her website. We’re lucky enough to have a piece of the volcano here in our house AND I’m mentioned in the acknowledgements. My name is in print! (Granted it’s my married name, but I’ll take it.)

AND, you can buy it here!

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  1. Melanie's Mom

    My sister’s book is a great read (I’m not biased at all)! The descriptions of the volcano’s eruption are amazing and reflect Karen’s onsite visit. I strongly recommend it if you like thrillers. And, I’m mentioned in the acknowledgements as well!

  2. Hi, Melanie! Thanks for posting! I’m mega-excited about the book. A friend just told me they saw it on the shelves at Meijer’s (a southern Michigan grocery store chain, for those who don’t know), so it seems the book is getting good distribution! Guess where I’m going this afternoon to take a picture? 🙂

    Thanks for the nice words about my novel, Judy, and Adam – thanks for the congrats! A happy day, for sure!

    (P.S. to Michiganders – yes, that’s really what we’re called – be sure to check out Neal Rubin’s column in The Detroit News next week!)

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  4. ab

    Grrr…. as soon as I’m done reading the 1st book you said to read – I’ll get on the last book you said to read… then I’ll get to her 1st book! Dern you, Hoo!!! 😉

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