If I Build It, It Will Come

As you know, I’m living in my parents’ basement, and as you can probably imagine, I’m anxious to get out on my own again. My parents have been wonderful and I’m beyond lucky that they’ve let me live here for the past (egads!) eleven months. That said, I’m getting antsy to have my own place.

When I moved to Mexico I left the majority of my belongings in my parents’ garage, which worked out well when I moved back. All my furniture was already here so I hauled it to the basement and set up a mini-apartment. The only household things I brought to Mexico, and then left there, were for the kitchen.

I decided a couple months ago that it’d make sense to buy things here and there, so I’d hopefully avoid a huge shopping bill when I’m also putting down a security deposit, getting cable/internet, and stocking a fridge with food. Well this past weekend I bought a couple big items: pots & pans and a set of dishes. When I carried the humongous boxes into the house my dad asked if I had an apartment someplace he didn’t know about.

I replied, “If I build it, it will come.”

Here’s hoping.

Also, this is the very first set of new dishes I’ve ever owned!

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  1. Your’re not the only one!

    Myself having had a 2010 that was filled with work, time off, divorce and trying to dig out of the hole, I too lived with the parents and am now on a couch at a friends.

    I have a coffee pot to get my new world started.

  2. Carole

    See, now, that’s the spirit. I’ll bet if you buy a welcome mat, it’ll speed things along.

    I wonder if it works in reverse. If I buy my son pots and pans and a set of dishes, will he move out?

  3. Hal

    Hey Hoo,

    Since I’m one of the people who read blogs and never mention they read a particular blog, I thought I’d share: I enjoy your site.

    I expect to wander by here, as life allows, and never comment again.

    But best of luck with your life and your writing. And give Owen a scritch behind the ears for me, would you?

    • That would be super cool. I’m not sure how many lofts are in this area though. :/ I was looking at lamps this weekend. I still need to take inventory to see what exactly I’ve got. I believe there may be a lamp or two in the storage room.

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