Everything Old is New Again

When I moved to Mexico FOUR years ago, I packed up the majority of our belongings and shoved them in a storage room in my parents’ garage. Over the past year I’ve worked my way through the boxes, slowly incorporating things from my former life into this new existence.

Four years isn’t that long, but as many of these things were wedding presents that were packed up just months after we received them, I’d forgotten I even had a lot of them. It’s mostly things for the kitche, but I’ve discovered picture frames, platters & trays, and even a set of cheese plates I’d completely forgotten about. (THAT was exciting!)

I will need to buy a few things when I finally move into my own place (silverware is at the top of the list) but it’s fun discovering these forgotten treasures.

Have you ever found something you’d forgotten you had?

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  1. How spooky. Last night I found four knives in a drawer that I could have sworn I’d sold. Glad I didn’t. 🙂


    PS – Yes, I used to collect knives. I’m weeeeiiiiird, I know.

  2. Rediscovery is awesome! Especially if it’s something as yet unused.

    Loved this line: “…slowly incorporating things from my former life into this new existence.” It just rings really pretty.

  3. ab

    I boxed up a bunch of stuff 2 years ago when we put our house up for sale. We changed our minds but everything is still boxed up. I’m anxious to dig into them again & see what’s there!

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