What a Difference 365 Days Make

Can you believe it’s been an entire year since I left Mexico?

Through a weird quirk of my flight times, I departed Zihuatanejo on February 23rd and arrived in Chicago February 24th. I’m big on numbers and dates (as I believe I’ve mentioned before) so having a clean divide between the two actions is significant to me. I don’t know why it feels important to be able to stay I officially started my new life on a certain day, but it does.

If you’ve followed me for awhile, you know I’ve highlighted random behaviors that I continue to do, despite them no longer being necessary.

It’s Been Eleven Months & I’m Already Thinking About Month Twelve

It’s Been Nine Months & I Still Spit in the Shower

After Eight Months I Still Flinch When Opening a Cupboard

It’s Been Seven Months Since I’ve Seen a Machine Gun

In Which I Log My Complaint Against the US*

One Month

I have to say, I still spit in the shower, I still flinch when I open cupboards, and don’t even get me started on opening the roll of tin foil. I can’t tell you how many times I found cockroaches inside there. But on the positive side, I do go out by myself at night, I no longer flinch when I hear a loud noise, and Owen absolutely LOVES the cold weather. (So do I…)

I keep waiting to be struck with a desire to be back where it’s warm, but I can’t get enough of the cold and snow. Even when everyone else is complaining that they’re ready for spring, my first thought is why?

I’ve made a few physical changes in the past year as well, most notably shorter hair and new glasses. Yay!

Now, stay tuned because Friday I’ll announce the contest and PRIZES! There will be two ways to win so be sure to stop by.

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  1. kevin krejca

    Hey you… Congrats! I totally share your fascination with chronicling! But i was sadly disappointed with your lack of acknowledgment of the whole 22211? 2×11=22? ok, is that just too much? LOL!

  2. You started your new life on the same day I started mine… only mine started 36 years earlier. (twins!)

    Hope the jitters go away soon and you can open a cabinet without a flinch! It was quite a roller coaster ride, following your blog during that time. So glad you are back and safe! (Or as safe as you can be when writing and driving at the same time.) 😉

    • Happy day before your birthday!!

      I’m still waiting for the cabinet thing to pass. It’s those stupid little things that keep the cabinet from opening — you know the magnetic thing? — that always scares me.

      And I’ll try to stop writing while driving. 🙂

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