Fracture and Fissure are Born!

How was your weekend? Did you do anything exciting?

Aside from enjoying a leisurely four-day weekend that included a yummy dinner with my family, shopping and watching Black Swan with my sister, and lots of play time with Owen, I also Skyped with Erica for an hour and a half and plotted the rest of my YA trilogy!

As you’re aware, the book I’ve already written is called Flicker, and I wanted titles that both go along with that name AND reflect the plot for each book. Fracture is about someone struggling to adapt to her old “normal” life while dealing with the horrors she faced over the past four years. Fissure is about a betrayal that splits apart everything the main character has come to believe. I just made up those summaries off the top of my head, so if they seem generic… well, that’s all you’re getting.

I love that I’ve found a writing friend who not only has a wicked mind for plots, but is also funny, nice, and a hoot to hang out with. (Yes, I said hoot.) I used to daydream about finding a real live writer who lived close enough to get together with, and I finally have that. Now I hope my writing does these ideas justice.

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  1. Aww, Mel <3 Love ya girl. And I feel the same way!! I'm so flattered. Well what I have in plot I lack in other stuff, and you've helped me tremendously as well ;o) I have no doubt we will continue to make each other's writing that much better!

    BTW I love the title Fissure! Great pick. Oh and your writing WILL do it justice!! <3 Thank you so much for being my friend, writer or no, you are very special to me ;o) *hugs*

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