The Macbook Has Landed

I have my new Macbook! I went to the store Friday night fully expecting to have to wait another week before getting my baby, but they had what I wanted in stock!

As you can imagine I spent the weekend installing software, transferring data, and figuring out how to carry such a honking laptop around. One good thing about the HP Mini is it’s teeny tiny and can be carried around with one hand. But I LOVE it so.

I’ve switched from Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, and Excel to iWorks Pages, Keynote, and Numbers, and the coolest feature I’ve discovered so far is the full view screen in Pages. Look at how I’m going to be writing:

How awesome is that? No distractions! And I love the dark background.

Oh yeah, it’s also wicked fast and I got a free HP printer for my trouble.

How was YOUR weekend?

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  1. Yay for new gadgetry! And writing that’s too small to read! 😀


    Pre-emptive PS – Anyone who tries to start Mac vs PC crap in the comments is a sad sad human being. 😉

  2. YAY!! Pretty. Well you know how I feel about mac’s <3<3<3 NOW you need to get Scrivener. Trust me it will change your writing life… Okay, you have your new toy, now get writing Fracture ;o) *nudge nudge* Okay, I'm done. *hugs*

    • I dunno… I’ll have to see it in action on your again. I just don’t see how it would be as helpful to me since I write chronologically. But considering I have time travel I suppose it could help. 😉

      I’m hoping to start writing this week. I had a lot going on this weekend!

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