Tell Me Whatcha Want, Whatcha Really Really Want… to Know

I’ve been meaning to do a question post for quite some time, but frankly I’ve been a little afraid of what you might ask. Nonetheless, I’m opening up the comments to your questions (as opposed to the usual super-duper secret comments), and Friday I’ll answer them. At my discretion, of course.

So… ask away!

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  1. *Must behave, must behave, must behave, must behave…*

    So, uh… What’s it like being so little?

    Nah, I can do better…

    OOH! I got one!

    What equipment do you use for your graphics work (software and hardware)?

    I’m fascinated by such things, and it’s something I’d like to at least tinker with in the future. 🙂



  2. Allen

    Given the choice between the two, would you rather dance naked in the rain with the one who loves you or frolic in the snow with the one you love?

    acceptable locations assumed.

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