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If you missed Wednesday’s post, you also missed your chance to ask me whatever you’ve been wondering about me, but those who did chime in covered quite a a broad range of topics. Here goes!

Adam asked “What’s it like being so little?” Also, “What equipment do you use for your graphics work (software and hardware)? I’m fascinated by such things, and it’s something I’d like to at least tinker with in the future.”

While in Mexico I was the same height as just about the entire country, so I refute your accusation. I’ve always liked the size I am. I fit into any booth or airline seat, there’s always room for me on a chair, and people don’t mind giving me piggy back rides.

As for design, I mostly use Adobe Creative Suite — InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop, as well as Dreamweaver and Bridge. I first started using them in college and while they are expensive, they’re the industry standard and necessary if you’re a professional. A digital camera is helpful, as is a scanner, although I don’t use that as often as I did before everything became digital. You’d be surprised how many people only have hard copies of things and need things scanned and recreated. As you know, I’ve always used a Mac, but everything is available on PC and the files are more or less interchangeable. It is nice to have a PC around, especially for web, because things don’t always display the same on the two systems and it’s best to know that BEFORE a client launches something.

Carol asked “Is Owen as awesome in real life as he is in pixels?”

I wish you all could meet him to see how awesome he truly is. People often comment from his pictures on what an active personality he has, but it’s nothing like in the fur. He’s just so curious and active and involved in everything. Yes, it gets tiresome at times, but he’s so loving and cuddly that almost everyone who meets him adores him. And how could you not love a dog that flies?

Vickie asked “Are you secretly looking forward to May 12????”

LOL! This took me a minute to figure out. That’s my grandmother’s birthday, so for a second I thought you knew something I didn’t. Then I remembered that’s when you’re going on vacation with my parents! I haven’t even thought about the fact that I’ll have the house to myself, but now I am!

Diane asked “What do you miss most about Mexico?”

I didn’t have to think about this long: the food. The fruit is incomparable to anything you can get here (aside from the berries) and I still have a hard time eating bananas and melons because they don’t have nearly as much flavor. I also miss the queso fresco. And the molé. And chicken. And salsa verde. 🙂 Yes, I sometimes stand in the ethnic aisle in the grocery store and stare at the imported foods, and I fully intend to cook a few traditional meals once I get my own place.

Stacey asked “If a train was traveling at 73 mph from the east, and a pigeon carrying a coconut traveling 2 mph from the south collided, what did I eat for lunch?”

Grilled cheese with a side of pickles.

And what kind of pigeon can carry a COCONUT?

Scott asked “If you could have dinner with one famous person not named Nathan Fillion, who would it be?”

Is it bad that my first thought was Johnny Depp? Yes, I’m very deep.

I’ve never been very good at these famous person questions, or picking my favorite of anything (as I believe you and I have discussed). I’m sure there are more scintillating people I should mention, but I think Johnny would be plenty enthralling.

Allen asked “Given the choice between the two, would you rather dance naked in the rain with the one who loves you or frolic in the snow with the one you love? Acceptable locations assumed.”

Duh, the rain. Unless there’s also a hot tub involved.

Oh wait, am I naked in both? Because otherwise I choose the snow. I love the snow.

ab asked “How many writers does it take to change a light bulb?”

That’s why we have computers. Who needs a light bulb?

Q asked “How many fingers am I holding up?”

Thank you for your questions!

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