Thoughts on My Kindle

I’ve finally started reading on my new Kindle and the verdict is: it rocks.

I assumed I’d adapt easily enough—I read on the computer all day long and the Kindle’s e-ink is designed to be even easier on the eyes—plus it’s so light you forget you’re holding a book. But the best part, and the one I hadn’t thought about, is how easy it is to read in bed.

I do the majority of my reading before I go to sleep and usually roll from one side to the other as I turn the pages. Or I stay on one side and get a hand cramp. On the Kindle, the page turn buttons on either side of the device mean you can turn the page with a slight pressure from your thumb—no flipping necessary! I laid comfortably on one side for HOURS (thanks Suzanne Collins). Win!

There are a few books that I still plan to get in physical form (Grammar Girl’s Quick & Dirty Tips, to name one) but this transition will be a lot smoother—and quicker—than I expected.

Do you have a Kindle? What’s your favorite thing about it?

And if you don’t want one, what’s your reason?

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  1. Melanie's Mom

    I love taking all my books with me when I travel. I used to pack 6-8 books for a 2 week trip and had a hard time choosing which ones to take. Who knew what I would feel like reading after I finished the next book! And,it definitely lightens my suitcase.

  2. No Kindle but I do have an iPad with iBooks. The page flip, highlight, and bookmark features are great. I have all sorts of things on the iBook reader! I save interesting websites as PDFs and read them later: knitting patterns, decorating ideas, articles on writing, places I’d like to visit, historical documents, mostly non-fiction. I haven’t purchased a single book so far but I do have several free classics from Project Gutenberg. (Jane Austen, Jack London, Poe…) I love it!

  3. I find that writing books or anything I might want to flip through, or go back and reference, doesn’t work well for me on a Kindle. I have a stack of books next to my bed – they’re all non-fiction books on writing and editing and publishing etc. But for fiction and memoir — it’s my go-to device.

    Hand cramps are now a thing of the past!!

    • I agree about reference books. I know there’s a search function, but many times I’m not sure exactly what I’m looking for. Plus there’s the fun of just flipping through the pages.

      Yay for no hand cramps!

  4. ^ *waves to Quitty*

    I love the fact it has opened the doorway to e-published books. I also love the Kindle cover I received with mine. It has a little light attached to it so I can read without disturbing the male hula dancer snoring next to me. 😉

  5. Oh.. Amy brings up a good point. I don’t think the Kindle has perfected reference books. It is harder to go back and look up one part of a book. So I am still buying ‘how to’ guides and non-fic books in the traditional book format. Someday that might improve.

  6. I LOVE mine. It’s WAY too easy to buy books though… That’s a blessing and a curse. I am an instant gratification junky. I wish it had page numbers too. But really, it’s the best. Glad you’re enjoying it!!

  7. ab

    I finally blogged about my Nook but haven’t posted it yet. I found I love it more than books. Funny. I was dragging my feet so bad… Glad you like yours.

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