The Curse of an Overactive Imagination, Part 2

I’m saying part two because I’m fairly confident I’ve talked about this before.

Yesterday on my way home from work, I took my usual exit off the highway and looped beneath the drawbridge that connects our two towns, but instead of whipping past the river and climbing to the next bridge, I had to swerve to avoid hitting a van parked next to the cement supports. A police car nuzzled close behind, lights flashing off the underside of the bridge, but no one stood outside the vehicles.

My first thought?

“I wonder if there’s a bomb in the van, and someone’s plotting to destroy the bridge!”

Don’t look at me like that. It could happen.

Yes, I live in a teeny town, but the next closest bridge is close to twenty miles away. During summer months the drawbridge stops traffic up to twice and hour, and on the occasions it gets stuck, no one can get past for hours. If the bridge became impassible permanently, it’d severely disrupt the lives of everyone living in the surrounding area. So if someone were to take it out with a van full of C4, more than just the bridge would feel the impact.

See, it’s a perfectly reasonable concern.


At the time of this posting, no bombs have detonated and the drawbridge still stands.

As far as we know…

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  1. Stephen Parrish

    If you don’t suspect the bridge yer crossing will be blown to smithereens just as you reach the midpoint, yer in the wrong bidness.

    Evil lurks in every dark alley. Yes, he’s cheating on you. And no, you won’t win at Lexulous.

  2. kevin

    I would take it one step further than Stephen… Evil lurks everywhere! The creative mind sees the potential of any situation… Here’s one for you… During the summers when i was at UIC I used to sell Trolley Tickets. The ‘barn’ was in Daleyville. There was this huge Building 10+ stories (yeah yeah yeah, i know… Huge?) anyway it was tall but freakishly narrow. And it was right across the street from the Daley ‘complex’. I would walk to work most days and walk right between the two areas. And every day I kept putting together this story about well placed bombs in the subbasement that would go off and not only take out this weird building but bring it down all around the Mayor’s shoulders…

    So yes, find another route and if you’re going the YA route, think Vampire not bomb! 😉

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