Grab a Glass…

… because I’m about to start whining.

It occurred to me over the weekend that it’s been SIX MONTHS since I started a new project. I spent two months writing Flicker, then another month and a half editing, and since then… well… let’s just say I haven’t been writing. Yes, I outlined books two and three of the trilogy and I came up with a fresh new idea, but I haven’t actually moved forward on any of these projects. I’ve been busy with other life things, but that’s no excuse. If I choose to call myself a writer I need to actually put words on paper. Or pixels.

I keep telling myself that when I get this one thing done I’ll get started, but that’s clearly not working for me. I need to just start. NOW.

Any suggestions for stopping procrastination?

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  1. Allen

    Finally, some place I can help.

    Okay, young Missy. You get your narrow butt in that chair and start writing. Write crap. Write something good. write something that makes us smile, but write everyday.

    If you don’t, I’ll make you date my ugly cousin, Matt. He may be rich, but do you really want to live at a pig manure processing plant?

    Enough said? Thought so.

  2. That the gift of creative anything only falls on a few not many. That the opportunity for free expression comes along in slivers and not large pockets of time. That when the chance to singularly place your stamp on one human life, and to change that life irrevocably, comes, it shouldn’t be carelessly. That, many times, the speed of opportunity moves much faster than the bat we are trying to hit it out of the park with. That everyone has ideas, that many start them, the few finish them, but only the most singular grains on the beach ever become pearls. That procrastination is another word for erosion of all of this and that, when the 74.6 year pink slip comes, all that eroded silt of creative soul eventually washes out to sea without a trace.

    Do something. Now. Small. Smile. Then do something else. Larger. Then something else. Prime the pump. Enjoy the foreplay but eventually get to the action. Go.

    • Thanks Jason. You always give me a lot to ponder long after I first read your comments.

      I’m definitely creating, I’m just devoting more time than I’d like to things other than writing. This week I’ve managed to pop my head above water, and I’m hopeful I can regain the balance I had while writing my last MS.

  3. Rhonda

    You’ve just got to force yourself back in the habit of writing everyday. Of course I’m avoiding writing myself by reading and posting in other people’s blogs so maybe you I should shut up and take my own advice. ;p

  4. What Allen said. You can do that. Another idea is to have an accountability partner that you have to check in with on a regular basis. Someone you’ll have to report to and make sure that you’re writing for. Also, analyze when is your best time for writing. Are a night owl or an early bird or do you write in spurts throughout the day? Once you figure that out, you can set up a consistent writing schedule. 🙂 Hope this helps mama. 🙂

    • You know, I had a small group of writers who emailed every day to do our check-in. They’re how I finished my first novel. That’s a great idea to get myself back into it. I definitely do well when I’m accountable to others.

  5. Hmm… some good suggestions up there. I say, you get your butt in the chair (or couch, recliner) and start pecking away. It’s the only way. Talking about it won’t get it done… Be tough on yourself. Find whatever sparked that idea for you and do it again. Find a new idea. Read. Watch some awesome tv, movies. Etc.

    It’ll come Hoo. Give it a little. Your living your life, no one would blame you for a break ;o)

    • Excellent advice. I’ve found the striped chair next to my bed is a wonderful place to write. Today I finally remembered that.

      And thanks for reminding me it’s okay to take a break.

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