I consider myself a rational person. One who relies on logic and reason to come to conclusions about all manner of things. Just the other night I was asked if I believe in destiny, and I didn’t have to think about it long before answering no. (I do, however, believe in karma.) I believe most things in our life are the result of our actions, end of story.

I used to kiss the roof of my car when I went through a yellow light, wear the same clothes if my sports team won, and go through the same ritual before a big test, but I forced myself to stop because deep down I know it doesn’t matter.

That said, I HATE Friday the 13th.

I can’t remember anything truly bad happening since high school (knock on wood) but it was so traumatizing I’ve gone through the rest of my life dreading this day. The worst is when it falls in February and I spend the next 28 days anticipating what’s surely coming my way in March.

This year I’m going to do my best to foil the F13 gods and think only GOOD things. Maybe I can conquer this superstition, too.

Do you have any superstitions, despite your best attempts to squash them? How do you feel about Friday the 13th?

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  1. Melissa (The Mule)

    Jason does the whole yellow light thing too! I’d never even heard of it until I started dating him and asked him what the hell he was doing. :-p As for Friday the 13th? LOVE THE DATE. When I worked at a bank several years ago, we got (specifically *I* got) robbed. No one was hurt and he didn’t get all that much. BUT they caught him a month later on… you guessed it, FRIDAY THE 13th!

    • I did it all through college (when I lived on the east coast) and quite a while in Chicago. Maybe I stopped when I sold my car. That’d make sense, eh?

      You got ROBBED? Scary!! That’s so weird how it came full circle. See, karma!

  2. Allen

    I love Friday the 13th, especially the first one. Popcorn, cola, some friends over. It’s a great way to scare the pants off some unsuspecting teen seeing it for the first time.

    What? Date? No, sorry, I don’t date anymore. My wife frowns on me dating. But thanks for asking. I do have a cousin in the pig business I could set you up with.

  3. How can you reach the roof of your car? Not channeling Adam or anything, but I’m short and I can’t stretch that high without getting in a wreck, LOL. I have fewer superstitious beliefs than I used to, but I still put my right shoe on first for luck and when I remember, I touch a button when going past a cemetery. Friday the 13th doesn’t bother me, though–it’s usually a good day for me.

  4. q

    I liked the original Friday the 13th, but the sequels were disappointing.

    Chi-i-i Ha-ha-ha-ha…

    …I’ll just see myself out…

  5. Penguin

    Wow, where should I start…………
    I have crashed a Jeep, ruptured a speen, crashed a car, blew out a knee, been knocked out by a very large object, been hit by a car, been hit by a bird, been crapped on by a bird at a stop light, there are many more, but I really don’t like dwelling on them(I have found if I dwell, the current one gets worse). I have just gotten to the point that I don’t like Friday the 13th.

  6. The button thing is from a belief that ghosts will follow you home from the cemetery unless you’re touching a button on your clothing. Not sure how it came about, but I don’t need any ghosts!

  7. Every time my husband gets in his car to drive, whether he is going to or from home, I tell him to ‘drive carefully’ and ‘I love him’. I also have to kiss my kiddos and tell them I love them when I check their seat belts before we drive anywhere. I didn’t tell my mom I loved her before she died, and now it is an automatic habit… just in case.

    • I think that’s a wonderful superstition to have, even though I hesitate to even call it that. I always did the same with Ibis for the same reason. Now I always say goodbye to Owen. A friend of mine (who sometimes comments here) had to put her dog down while she was on vacation. She never got to say goodbye. 🙁

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