Reliving My Yout.

In one week I’ll be doing something that’s brought up ALL KINDS of memories from my early teenage years. I’m claiming it’s research for my next book, but really I’m just geeked to be a part of it.

Any guesses what it is?

(If you already know, please don’t say until it’s guessed.)

Do you have something from your teenage years you wish you could relive? I realize most of us wouldn’t dream of going back to that time in our lives, but surely there’s something you enjoyed. Do tell!

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  1. I’m guessing: reunion? *counts on fingers* but I think you already had your 15th…and you are not old enough to have your 20th. My 20th is this year and I have NO desire to go.

    High school… *cringes*… the only good thing about that depressing era was my horse. I had to find a way to afford the monthly boarding payments and once I did, my parents bought me one. She was a grey Arabian and turned out to be quite the stubborn ‘hot head’. But she was a great experience for a teen girl learning about responsibility. Not only responsibility for a rather large pet, but also the financial responsibility to keep her boarded, the visits from the vet for check-ups, shoes, worm medicine, tack… etc etc.. Most of my measly grocery store paycheck went to her and my POS car, but I had a lot of great experiences with both. 🙂

      • Allen

        Really? I’m getting old. My son mentioned it and I had the same reaction then. Who? (I knew who they were, but I was suggesting a different concert.)

        You are actually part of my look back at my youth, even though you were probably not born then. I have wanted to go back to Mexico for several years. After seeing a post of your on AW, I began following your blog.

        I guess that makes me your own personal stalker. You should keep me, though. I am harmless, very inexpensive as pets go, and I can open jars. Well, sometimes I can open jars. On occasion.

        My wife can open jars.

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