Happy Memorial Day!

Yes, I realize the holiday is still five days away, but I’m taking a break from posting until next week Wednesday. I have a TON of things to do to get ready for my new place (I’m moving June 10th!!) and sanding, painting, and spray varnishing don’t go well with a computer.

Tomorrow night Erica and I are going to the NKOTBSB concert! I cannot wait! I’m sure there’ll be some lovely photos to share.

So that’s what I’ll be doing. Do you have big plans this weekend?

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  1. q

    I’ll be breaking out my awesome dance moves. I’ve been asked to sub for Nick Carter tomorrow night at some gig.

    I hope wardrobe has spandex in my size. I’d hate to have to pack extra.

    tee hee…pack extra…

    Have fun, Hoo

  2. ab

    No plans. We’re rebels that way. I’m hoping for one day of no rain and maybe finally getting a garden planted. Hold your excitement. Have fun at the concert!!
    *shudders at thought of bunneh in spandex*

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