When you’re too close to something, it’s hard to see it for what it truly is. Whether it’s writing, a relationship, or a group of pictures you’re trying to hang on the wall and just can’t get to line up (they STILL aren’t perfect), taking a step back and looking at things from a new angle can give you a fresh perspective and help you discover a solution that may have eluded you.

I’m still querying Flicker, and while nothing’s stuck yet, I’m determined to sign with an agent and find my book a home. However, I realize that after several months I probably need to tweak (or overhaul) a few things. That’s all fine and good, but where do I even begin? Lucky for me WriteOnCon is going on right now, so I’ve begun there. I’ve posted both my query and the first 250 words, and I’ve already received helpful feedback.

The forums will be open through the 18th, and agents pop in throughout the day for live sessions. It’s free to sign up, so there’s really no excuse not to check it out. (Unless you’re not a writer, in which case… hi mom!)

In addition to Flicker, I’ve had a couple new ideas rattling around, but it’s still too soon to see if one will stick. Maybe I need to flip it upside down to know for sure.

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  1. ab

    I’ve been lurking around there but haven’t gotten brave enough to post anything. I really thought I’d go for some feedback on my MG stuff. *whistles theme to Super Chicken*
    I hope you are one of those success stories & get plucked from the pile! I can’t wait for Flicker to get published! I know it’ll happen 🙂

  2. Penguin

    Hmmmm, so when did I become your mother????

    No offense Melanie’s mom.
    You do have other readers that don’t write, other than your mom.

  3. qW

    Speaking of a fresh perspective…
    Look at me from the back. Do these capris make me look too ‘hippy’? What if I got the same thing, but in eggplant instead of lime green?

    Mind you, I won’t always be wearing the tube-top, either…

    Thanks for your fresh perspective!

    Yours in Glamour,

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