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There’s a saying: “You know what you call people who wait until the right time to have kids? Childless.” This particular saying doesn’t apply to me, but the thought behind it does. All too often (always) I have ideas for things I’d like to do, but rather than take the initiative to just do it, I wait for someone to come along who may be interested in joining me, or worse, comes up with the idea on their own and suggests it to me.

Writing it makes it sound more ridiculous than I thought. Here are a few examples off the top of my head:

I’ve never been to an NFL game because I figured someone would invite me.
Nine years in Chicago and while I went to Soldier Field for two soccer games and one concert, I’ve yet to see a football game.

I love camping, but I’ve never initiated a trip as an adult.
I did buy a sleeping bag earlier this year so I’d be ready if someone invited me, but I’ve yet to suggest it to anyone.

My apartment complex is adjacent to woods with hiking trails, but I’ve never taken Owen.

THIS I finally did over the weekend. I’d taken Owen to the dog park but no one was there, so I decided to venture in on my own. After living in Chicago and Mexico, my need to be cautious is a tad more heightened than the average person, and strolling through the woods by myself doesn’t seem like a good idea, no matter how safe this community may be. But I decided to try it anyway.

Lo and behold, the trails are wide and easy to follow, plenty of light filters through the trees, and Owen and I had a wonderful hike. I even took him again two days later.

Anyone up for a football game?

What would you do if you could eliminate the worry and just do it?

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  1. I find myself waiting for others’ schedules to be free before doing something big due to coordination issues with the family. I’ve recently told myself to put my big girl pants on and get into the game. Good lord, what have I unleashed?

  2. Penguin

    OMG, you so have to take more walks around there.
    That is such a beautiful area and you should be very safe around there.
    If you want I can teach you some tricks that you can use in case a local gets too frisky with you, but all in all you should be safe.

    What would I do if I had no worries?

    Move to Colorado.

    • Isn’t it pretty? I’m mostly concerned about Owen because I’ve since been told there are coyotes back there. I had heard that before, but apparently they’re more common than I realized. So he’ll probably have to stay on the leash.

      • Penguin

        Well, technically in Michigan he has to stay on the leash.
        But it is a good thing anyway, you never know who you might come across and they might not like having a dog loose around them.
        I really don’t think a wild animal will mess with a dog like that during the day with all of the activity around. Most animals hunt, and Owen isn’t exactly prey.
        Plus with him close to you it makes it a little harder for someone to surprise you.

        It is the simple thing, money, that keeps me from getting there.

  3. I’m learning it’s so important to push through that fear, or hesitation, or doubt. It’s so good for the soul!

    That big thing I did just recently? One of the best things I’ve ever done. And it’s freeing.

  4. Allen

    I always thought you would be the woman on the sidelines with a painted face and no shirt, screaming for the Bears…. Season ticket holder with your mother by your side.

    Go to the game. Take some young, strapping fellow you have been eyeing in the parking lot but too afraid to ask out. Jump in with both feet. make sure he goes topless too. Fair is fair.

  5. Ride more. Bicycle and motorcycle. Read more. I’d have a lot less money (that that $27.39 is a heck of a lot) but I’d go more places. I’d “stealth camp” more places, too.

  6. That looks fun! I just got back from a run alone in the woods, and after reading this, I’m thinking I might be a tad too reckless. There should be an in between. Someone named Relanie.

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