Like Slipping on an Old Pair of Jeans…

…that have been dried on high for five hours with a little too much starch.

I haven’t written anything (aside from blog posts and the random lengthy tweet) since this time last year, and it’s been harder to get back in the swing of things than I expected. I’m using NaNo as a way to get back into writing every day—or as close to every day as I can manage—but I didn’t begin until nearly 11pm last night.

The hardest part for me is always getting started, so I know once I open that vein the words will being to flow, but I always have an excuse: one more email to reply to, one more facebook notification to check, one more scrabble move to play. Maybe if one of you could come over and quit the internet for me every evening, say around 7pm? That’d be great.

I know I’m not the only one who faces this, so what are your tricks for forcing your butt in the chair and fingers on the keyboard? I think once I remember how much I enjoy writing this won’t be a problem.

At least that’s my plan.

The good news is once I DID start I quickly remembered how much I love these characters. Welcome back Biz and Cameron!

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  1. Allen

    My motivation. Coffee and a closed office. I can take off my shoes, sit back and drink coffee with whatever creamer I like and let the music reverberate in the room. Soon, t he fingers are moving and the thoughts are flying.

    Now, this zombie type of approach often leads to strange writings, but it is a start. You can’t edit what is not written. The worst thing about my system is that sometimes I can’t make out the word I was trying to type.

    In any case, you are a past NANO survivor and I know you will do well.

  2. Yay!

    Have loads of fun with it, Hoo! I’ve just started a new project, though I’m not NaNoing, and am having a fun time with it. 🙂
    During a dip, you forget how much fun writing is. 🙂



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