730 Days

Welcome back! I’ve been busy the past two months, but first I’d like to say WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE?!? I moved back to the US from Mexico 730 days ago (more commonly known as two years) and wow how things have changed. I’ve gone from a job I hated to a job I absolutely love, from living in my parents’ basement to my own place, and my design business is really taking off. Best of all, I’m planning to buy a house later this spring!

I have a post at An Army of Ermas today called Back in the Nest that discusses sex, nudity, and reverting to a teenager while living with your parents as an adult.

As you’ve probably heard, this winter has been anything but a typical Michigan winter. We’ve only had snow a couple times (although the news alerts tell me “the biggest storm of the season” is on its way) but Owen took full advantage.
Owen flying

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