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I first joined Pinterest when I was in the process of buying a house, and because it’s so easy to get sucked in for an entire afternoon, I limited my boards to only house-related posts. Since moving in I’ve expanded my boards to include Do-It-Yourself projects, and now that I’m getting things put away I’ve put a few ideas to good use.

The Scarf Holder
This is actually a twist on a different idea I saw, but the tension idea was my idea. Add a dozen shower rings for $3 and you will always be able to find your favorite scarf when you’re late for work. (Or is that just me?)

melaniehoo scarf organizer

The Jewelry Organizer
I used an empty picture frame I hadn’t been using, some twine from a few Christmases ago, and the other metal rod form the scarf project. I love how it turned out!

melaniehoo necklace organizer

Boot Noodles!
Two swimmy noodles for $1 each + a pair of scissors and you’ve got yourself a neato way to keep your boots from falling over.

Boot noodles

Have you put any Pinterest ideas to work? What are your favorites?

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  1. ac

    don’t know if you remember me. haven’t visited in a while. i see lots has changed. i bought my home almost five years ago and i still haven’t unpacked! wish you luck on that front.

    i also bought my home after a breakup (not a marriage, tho) and there’s something liberating about it. i felt like an adult for a moment.

    do you remember the blog of another writer. she was funny and acted in off off off broadway productions though i think her full time job was working with dogs in some way. she was blond and lives in Georgia, i believe.

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