Race of the Chairs

As I told you a couple weeks ago, I ordered a pair of beautiful bird chairs from Target. You’d never know the cuteness hiding inside these ordinary-looking boxes, but that wasn’t on my mind when I they arrived. The first thing I thought of was “we need to have a race putting these together.”

chairs in boxes

Isn’t that what you think when you see this?

I decided we should open the boxes first so no one (me) accidentally sliced into a chair in their (my) excitement. We did a Ready, Set, Go and were off! The first challenge came when we removed the pieces from the chairs and couldn’t find the legs. I was the first to discover the legs and hardware tucked into the seat base, which meant I also grabbed the scissors first and gave myself a bit of a head-start.

chairs in progress

Well, a lot of a head-start. He was still screwing in the last leg when I finished! He argued something about my smaller fingers making it easier for me, but I think I’m just a better assembler.

My chair is now in the office, and his is upstairs in our bedroom. The room is now complete!

finished chair

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