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I have an interview coming up this weekend so to celebrate I’ve lowered the price of the ebook for FLICKER on Barnes & Noble and Amazon!

I’d love it if you spread the word, buy, and if you’ve read it, post a review. Word of mouth is the best way for more people to meet Biz and I appreciate all your help!

Recent Reviews:

The story moves at a quick pace as you’re drawn into Biz’s world right from the first page, and an intriguing world at that. One that blends paranormal elements seamlessly into everyday life, before taking you into the depths of a mystery with an unexpected climax. Above all, Biz’s thoughts and experiences shine through on each page, giving her character an authenticity that will connect you with the story and her life. Also, the author honors her readers by wrapping up loose ends before teasing with what’s to come in the sequel ‘Fracture.’ Overall, ‘Flicker’ is a fantastic YA novel.
– Bella Bowie


The thing I like most about the book is that the concept is really unique. What if you could have a seemingly limitless supply of do-overs? What would you do over? The female character exhibits a lot of positive attributes which is sometimes lacking in YA fiction and means a lot to me as a mother of two girls. Mom to mom, I am going to let my 12-year-old read it–there’s nothing stronger than kissing, some “strong” language, but nothing she isn’t hearing at school. I’m looking forward to the sequel and I’m sure my daughter will be when she reads it.
– Montessori Mama “bigeyeblue”


As a 39 year old man with several teenaged children, I feel qualified to say that `Flicker’ is a book with the potential to produce a true genre-busting YA franchise.

Like the Twilight series, the protagonist is a teen girl with a complicated life reflected in sometimes moody prose. However, the similarities between `Flicker’ and `Twilight’ end there, as Hooyenga avoids turning `Flicker’ into the dumbed down literary lollipop of Bella’s world (yes, I admit, I read Twilight).

Instead, `Flicker”s Biz leaps off the page as an authentic, complex, honest rendition of a teenager struggling with friendships, her parents, new romance, school pressures….oh, and that whole `flickering’ thing.

Ms. Hooyenga shows impressive skill in character development, narrative voice, and story pacing. This is a tremendous first effort by an author worth watching!
– Scott Brew

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