Every New Beginning is Some Other Beginning’s End

I finished the first draft of Fracture! I missed my self-imposed deadline by a week, but considering how long it took me to get back in my writing groove, I’m okay with that. The first draft ended up being 8000 words longer than I expected, so there’s the extra week!

In all I’m happy with how it ended, but now begins the next stage: Editing. I already have two levels of readers ready to shred this puppy so that when it’s ready for YOU, it’s perfect. Or as perfect as anything I write is going to be. 😉 (Which better be perfect.)

Today I’m working on a Character Bible, something that’s important when you’re writing ONE book. The fact that I didn’t put one together and I’ve written the SECOND book in the series means I have a lot of backwards research to do. The one thing that’s still eluding me and is rather embarrassing to admit:

I can’t remember my main character’s last name.

That’s right. At this point I’m thinking I never GAVE her a last name, but that seems weird. So I’ll keep digging.

Unless one of you knows what it is?

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