Editing, Guest Posting, and Breaking That Pesky Circle

Faded NN notesEditing has been my theme lately!  I guest posted on Kai Strand’s blog and talked about editing (hop on over to Strands of Thought to read my post) AND I finished the second draft of FADED. Boom. I’m not expecting it back from my next reader/editor until the end of February so that means I can finally do all the things I’ve been putting off for months—including painting and assembling the magnetic chalkboard for my writing room. And reading. And plotting/character building for my NEXT book. I’m very excited.

My 40th birthday is in less than two months and I somehow have a lot planned between now and then. Skiing next weekend, a work trip to Chicago the week after that, THEN—this is super exciting—I’ll be one of over 20 authors shilling our wares at the West Michigan Women’s Expo! They’re grouping us together into an Author’s Row, and I assume this means people will come to us hoping to see books and authors, rather than skipping over us without a second glance because we’re wedged between someone selling makeup and another selling the next-best push-up bra. Even if I don’t sell much, this will get me exposure to people WAY outside my circle and I’ll be able to meet more local authors. Which is always a win.

And if, by chance, you’re wondering what to get me for my birthday, I always love reviews for my books. 🙂

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