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As an author, my goal is to write stories that people enjoy. Sure, it’d be great to make enough money to write full time, and yeah, I wouldn’t turn down an appearance on the Ellen Show, but overall, I’m happy with good reviews and decent sales. Hearing from readers is the icing on the cake, so it’s an understatement to say that I nearly fell flat on my face when a local friend who’s a teacher at the high school posted this on my FB wall:

“Cute story… We have sustained silent reading in our Connections class almost every day for 20 min. If a student doesn’t bring a book, they can borrow one of mine. Of course “Flicker” is on the shelf.

I have a boy that is not very successful in school and that doesn’t like to read and regularly resists. He didn’t bring a book one day. I handed him “Flicker”. I said, “Read it. It’s really good. My friend wrote it. She lives in Grand Haven, too.” He grumbles and stays on the first page forever.

Next day, same situation. I hand him the book. He reads a page or two.

Next day, same…shows up with no book. I tell him to go ahead and grab “Flicker” because I know he loves it already. He just takes it and grumbles. I notice that he’s read more. I ask what he thinks. “It’s okay”.

Next day, he automatically picks up the book. I wink. He reads. I notice pages are actually turning. He says, “Do you know there’s swear words in this book?” I said, “Yep! That’s why you like it, isn’t it! HA! You LIKE it”. He smiles and says nothing.

The next day at the end of the hour he says, “Can I borrow this?” and of course I said yes. He said, “I mean, can I take it home to read?” OF COURSE! So, he’s reading very slowly but he’s brought it with him every day since and has not complained ONCE about reading.

How about that for a success story!? We were sharing good things at the beginning of our team meeting and that is what I shared. You are awesome. Thank you!”

Drop mic. I’m done.

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