Books Make Wonderful Self-Gifts

If you’re like me, this time of year you buy as many gifts for yourself as you do for others. One for you, one for me, etc.

(Is that just me? Well this is embarrassing…. Never mind, then. Keep reading.)

Anyway, RIGHT NOW you can buy the digital version of FLICKER for 99¢ — that’s ~66% off! (I’m including the ~ because I didn’t actually calculate the percentage and my husband will let me know if I’m off by a percentage. But 66 sounds about right).

But that’s not all!

If you’re the type who prefers to binge read an entire series all at once, (I’m doing that now with Marissa Meyer’s CINDER and holy crap is it good), you can buy the entire FLICKER EFFECT trilogy for $4.99. I would tell you the percentage you’re saving off the original $7.99 price, but I’m a writer and I protest math.

So what are you waiting for? Books are available here:


Flicker Flicker Effect Trilogy

Barnes & Noble

Flicker Flicker Effect Trilogy


Flicker Flicker Effect Trilogy


And as always, thank you for your review!

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