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Fracture_cover_600x860You heard right.

Today through Tuesday, September 2nd, you, your loved ones, your friends, your acquaintances, your coworkers, that lady who makes your coffee in the morning, the guy who nods hello to you on the subway home, your son’s preschool teacher, your daughter’s softball coach, your personal trainer, your spiritual leader, your local congresswoman, your local congressman (can’t leave him out!), your mechanic, your dry cleaner, that nice guy who makes your burrito bowl (mmmmm Qdoba), and, of course, your neighbors, can ALL download FRACTURE for FREE!

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Interviews, Reviews, & a Chance to Win a $25 Gift Card!

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ChateuChantalWe had family in town for the past week so Jeremy and I took the entire week off. We didn’t get to sleep in as much as we’d like, but we did hit a LOT of breweries (Short’s, Brewery Vivant, North Peak, Perrin, Founders, and Odd Sides), as well as a winery in Traverse City that I’ve always wanted to check out: Chateu Chantal!

Despite my vacation, I did manage to do a few writing-related things…


I’m a featured guest blogger at All the Write Notes, which is a music site that features writing, or a writing site that features music — however you want to look at it. In my article ATWN Guest Post: YA Author, Melanie Hooyenga – The Pressure of Number Two: Let Lorde Lead the Way I talk about the pressures of writing a sequel and how Lorde’s music helped push me along.

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10K, Okay!

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FADED, book three in the Flicker Effect trilogy, is my fifth novel (sixth full-length manuscript), and one of the things I’ve learned over the course of writing a half dozen books is I don’t feel like I’m officially into the draft until I’ve passed the 10,000 word mark. I started writing this draft when I published FRACTURE at the end of June, and as of yesterday I can finally declare this draft a WIP!

10k words

If I continue at this rate it will take me five more months to finish the first draft, but I haven’t been reaching my daily word goals (it takes me a bit to get back in my rhythm) so I hope to have it completed much sooner than that. And based on the reviews of FRACTURE, I better hurry it up.

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Why I Read YA

Posted by on Jun 30, 2014 in books / reading

Owen reading

Owen digging into Fracture

A recently published article bashing YA as a lesser form of literature has been making the rounds, as have numerous rebuttals defending YA. My favorite is by Rob Moran, titled Men Should Be Able to Read YA Too, where he states, “…Gordon seems to view reading as a means to an end, rather than an activity in its own right, as if we all read books as some sort of self-help process, hoping to gain some miraculous understanding of what it means to be a fully-formed human functioning in the world, rather than just, you know, valuing language and communication and the joy of watching a glorious sentence unfold itself across a page and pull you into its world.”

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Fracture is Published!

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Fracture_full cover_cropped

I’m thrilled to announce that Fracture is now available on Amazon! Today you can only get the ebook, but tomorrow (probably in the evening) the print version will also be available!

Things I learned (or remembered) while prepping this book for publication:

  • I love formatting large documents. It’s a challenge and tedious, but the results are satisfying.
  • Formatting the digital files is its own challenge, but also rewarding.
  • The odds of the second book being the same number of pages as the first is slim to none, yet my two books are within four pages of each other.
  • Amazon sometimes publishes things a bit sooner than expected, and then you end up #38 in Teen & Young Adult Time Travel! (see image below)
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Take This Draft and Shove It

Posted by on May 25, 2014 in Fracture, writing / editing

It’s been a very hectic several months, which I’ll get into in another post, but today I’m here to tell you that I’ve finished Fracture! If you recall, I said something similar while buried under three feet of snow, but since then I’ve tackled four rounds of revisions, the most strenuous of which I completed today! I’ve added roughly 3500 words, which is nearly fourteen pages, and I’m really proud of how this novel has developed.

My apologies for all the exclamation points. This has been a lonnnggg couple days.

My apologies for all the exclamation points. This has been a lonnnggg couple days.

I’ve said Fracture will be available this spring, and I’m holding myself to that. As soon as my proofreaders have a final go with the manuscript, I’ll get the formatting of the ebook and print version ready and Fracture can be yours!

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