Thank You, AT&T

For the second time in as many months, AT&T accidentally cut the phone and internet line to my parents’ house. Yesterday.

The good news is Owen and I took a nice long walk on the boardwalk last night. Bad news — I feel COMPLETELY cut off from everyone. Gah!

Hopefully I’ll be back online tonight.

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  1. Allen Parker

    Just curious. If you are cut off from the internet, did you, like, use the Force to post this?

    If so, could you use the Force to coordinate the lottery ping pong balls to match my numbers tonight. It may be a small lottery amount, but I’m not greedy. I can live for a while on 60 million.

    thanks in advance. Allen.

  2. bigwords88

    If AT&T aren’t the only available provider then ditch them in a heartbeat. If they are the only provider, then make them sweat – tell them they should provide some sort of reimbursement for the trouble they’ve caused. Companies seem to take these incidents as everyday occurrences now, forgetting that the customer is meant to be their main priority.

    I hope things can be rectified swiftly and properly.

    • They switched to AT&T because they’d had problems with their other company, but now they have a new host of problems. Unfortunately they live pretty far out of town so they don’t have many options.

  3. Don’t even get me started on AT&T! We moved last week and my husband logged over 9 hours trying to cancel. And then they showed up at our new house for installation after we told them we’d never use them again (they had the new address so they could mail our last bill). WTF?

  4. Nadine

    I was wondering where you were and was hoping that your story just couldn’t let you go and you were writing furiously and didn’t have time to log on.

    As for AT&T, I used to think they were bad and then I discovered the “joy” that is H@waii Telecom.

  5. Oh man, bummer! yeah don’t get me started on at&t, they own our phone lines at work and… well I’ll leave it at that. Good luck! Hope to see you on soon ;o)

    • Erica, I’ve heard a lot of complaints about AT&T and it’s frustrating when you don’t have many options. That’s one benefit to living in a big city.

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